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Monday 4th January 2021

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Details of daily timetable

Monday 4th January 2021


Welcome back. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. This term our context for learning is 'Under the Sea'. Please have look at the topic web on this page at the range of activities and ask your child to select an activity each day to complete with you. 


Today's plan for learning should also include:


First session - Reading/phonics

Sound of the week - s 


Follow the link and listen to the story 'Commotion in the ocean'.


Complete a circle map with the title 'sea creatures'. Ask your grown up to write down the different names of the sea creatures that you know. 


Watch and sing along to the jolly phonics letter sound - s


Complete the s formation sheet


Practice forming the letter s in the air using your magic finger, on a large sheet of paper/crayons/pens, or in sand. 


Second session - Maths


Count 0-10 and beyond using a quiet and loud voice.


Sing along to the counting songs in the link below


Today you are going to learn about 'estimation' 

Watch the following video as it explains what this is about


Using small objects that you have at home, e.g. buttons, dry pasta, cars, etc. Pick up a group and place on a table. I want you to try and guess how many there are and record on paper/white board. Now row the objects and touch count to see how many there are exactly. It is ok if maybe you guessed too many or too less.










Circle map template

Tuesday 5th January 2021


Topic Web - Please choose an 'Under the sea' activity of your choice to complete today


First Session - Reading/phonics


Listen to the Under the Sea story about a fish called Colin and join in with the songs


Can you create a friend for Colin? Look at the images of sea creatures in the link provided. Can you point out the features e.g. fins, scales, tail, tentacles? Now design, draw and colour your own sea creature and give it a name. Ask your grown up to write it underneath.


Letter sound - s

Jolly phonics s song

Phonic Basket/container - Can you use a container and go on a phonic hunt around the home or outside and collect objects that begin with s?

Letter s work book

Letter formation in play dough - Use a tool or your finger to form the letter in the dough.


Second Session

Create a number line 0-10 using the cards in the link below, can you put them in the correct order?

Extend by asking your child 'What number is one more than 4?' 'What number is one less than 8?'

Count out loud when walking up steps, doing buttons up on clothing etc.



Block activity - Present your child with a pile of blocks e.g. duplo/lego. Ask your child to estimate how many blocks are in the pile and find that number from the cards used in the activity above. Now ask them to build a tower using the blocks. Ask 'Can you count how many blocks you have?' 'Was your estimation right?' 'Was there more or less?' 


Phonic basket - s

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Blocks activity

Wednesday 6th January 2021


'Under the Sea' - What activity interests you today nursery?


First Session - Reading/Rhyme

Listen to the story 'Sharing a shell' by Julia Donaldson

'Can you hear words in the story that sound similar?' These are called rhyming words and they sound similar when you say or hear them.

'Can you say these words with your grown up?'


Rhyming activity

See link 

Look at the pictures and tell your grown up what they are. 'Which one does not sound the same as the others?' 


Second Session - Maths -Sequencing


Caterpillar Sequencing - Counting in ones


Blocks - Duplo

Ask your grown up to write numbers 1-10 (extend if you like) on each block.

Can you build a tower putting them in them in the correct order?


Caterpillar matching activity

Cut out the circles and match/order the numbers







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Rhyming activity

Blocks - Sequencing numbers activity