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Thursday 7th January 2021

Today's Instructions

Bug Club Reading
Building 3d Shapes
The Gaskitts Go Skiing - Story
Following on from the Flee Map plan that you prepared yesterday, please could you support your children to follow the plan to write the story. They will need to start with the title of the story and the opening sentence that I gave to them on the plan. They can copy this directly from their plan. They then need to then follow the flow of three boxes with their pictures and key words/phrases to tell the story, constructing their sentences as they go. They will probably need some support to think of the sentences but try not to do it for them. Tomorrow they will have the opportunity to redraft their work so the aim today is to write their first draft. The focus here is on developing independent writers, so spelling and punctuation errors can be looked at tomorrow. Once they have written the main body of their story they can then copy their closing sentences about how the characters felt after their holiday from their plan. Please use lined paper. If you don't have any lined paper please draw a page of lines for  them in their purple book. Please take a photo of their first draft and email it to me at Thank you Miss Williams
Welsh Reading
BBC-Let's Move- Winter Wonderland