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Wednesday 6th January 2021

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Bug Club Reading
3d Shape Parcels
Mr Kuster's Snowman Instructions

The Gaskitts Go Skiing - Flee map Plan

Flee Map Plan

We often use a Flee Map Plan to help the children to plan their writing in school. The plan itself is a combination of a tree map and a flow map. Hence the name Flee. I have planned the first step for them and this is how everybody's stories will start. Today the children need to look at the Jamboard of ideas (see link below) and plan their story. They do not need to write their story today. Today they will need to chose the things that they would like to include in their story. They need 3 main events. The events could link or they could be 3 completely different unrelated events if they prefer. They draw pictures of these three events in the three boxes in the middle of the map that follows a flow, in the order that they will happen in the story. Allow your child time to add detail to these pictures and to colour them in as this will help them to think about what will happen in each part of their story. Underneath these boxes they will need to write (with adult support) the key words/phrases needed for that section of the story. Note here that the children do not write in sentences. They will try to but they need to get used to the idea of including just the main points in their plan. You will notice that talk is a vital part of the story planning process. The children need to do this to help them to formulate their ideas. The closing part of the story can be written as a sentence and I'd particularly like the children to think about how the characters are feeling after their holiday and to construct sentences that tell the reader about that. It could be that the characters all feel the same about their holiday experience but it would be equally acceptable for the characters to have differing feelings. It is totally up to your child and what they think. When your child has finished their plan you could ask them to tell you their story like a story teller. This is good practice for when they come to write their story tomorrow. Hope that makes sense. Any problems, email me at 

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